Cella Architecture, Residential Architect Portland Oregon - Laurelhurst House - View from driveway
Cella Architecture, Residential Architect Portland Oregon - Dining room of Laurelhurst House
Laurelhurst House covered patio showing large skylight well - Cella Architecture Residential Architect, Portland Oregon
Barbecue in pool house - Portland Oregon - Dunthorpe - by Cella Architecture
Kitchen range hood detail Portland Oregon

Cella Architecture

Residential Architect Portland Oregon

Architecture with an emphasis on fine homes.

For each of us there are houses that reside forever in our memories – the elegance of their proportions and details, the warmth and welcome of their spaces, the views perfectly framed by their windows, the play of light in their rooms, the easy comfort you felt when you were there with friends and family. With care and creativity, knowledge and experience, these are the houses that we create. Houses for our clients to live in and enjoy life in comfort, that complement their owners’ tastes and styles. Places that celebrate quality and craftsmanship, where past traditions and modern conveniences coexist at ease. Houses that embrace the surrounding landscape, that are beautiful and unique. The house that you long for and which will linger in your memory. The house that you call home.

With every project, Cella Architecture provides an extensive knowledge of architectural principles and traditions as we assist our clients in the design of their home and development of their property. Each project commences with sedulous consideration of how our clients prefer to live and the specific requirements and opportunities their site affords, whether in town, in the country, or along the coast. We pay careful attention to our clients’ desires rather than force specific ideas. At the same time, we are good teachers and can explain in lay terms the impacts of specific decisions or alternatives on the final design. Creating good architecture is never possible without input from a variety of participants. Our ability to work and communicate well with our clients, contractors, craftspeople, and other design professionals, each of whom brings a unique understanding to a project, helps foster a collaborative spirit that serves to make our projects successful and bring your dreams to fruition with a home that is beautiful, comfortable, and unforgettable.


Cella Architecture works with you to develop a design that complements your lifestyle. We are well versed in traditional building styles and methods but also embrace the challenges presented by the aesthetics of modern architecture.


Based in Northeast Portland, Cella Architecture provides custom residential architectural services for home owners throughout Oregon with an emphasis on personalized service in a collaborative environment.

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