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Is your existing home all that you could hope…or are there just one or two nagging problems? Perhaps you live in an older home that doesn’t fit today’s modern lifestyle? Perhaps a remodel of your home is the answer to your problem. At Cella Architecture, we enjoy working with our clients to remodel their homes and personalize them to their needs and styles. Often a fairly simple change to your home can make all the difference.

Some of the unique aspects of a Home Remodel

A remodel project differs from new home construction in a number of ways – some obvious; others, less so. Like new construction, remodel work follows the typical progression of schematic design, design development, construction documentation, bidding or pricing, and construction observation, with some notable differences.

Field Verification:

With every home remodel, the first order of business is to understand the configuration of the existing structure. If you have accurate drawings for your home, you are a step ahead. If not, Cella Architecture can help you by providing field verification services. We will measure your home and coordinate those measurements to create a 3D model of the existing conditions. From this base, we can work with you to develop a concept for your remodeled home.

Schematic Design:

With the existing plan in hand we will work with you to determine how to meet your needs within the frame of your existing home. For this phase of the remodel, it is important to free yourself of preconceived notions of what is possible or what is necessary. You may be surprised by the result.

Construction Observation:

Once construction begins, Cella Architecture helps with questions. During a remodel project, this is particularly important after demolition has occurred. Once the finishes have been removed, unanticipated conditions may be exposed.  We will work with you and your contractor to determine any changes that must be made to the plans as a result.

If you are planning to remodel your kitchen, be sure to check out Cella Architecture’s Kitchen Remodel Planning Guide in our Resources section. It will help you think about some of the many aspects of this complex room.

If it is time to remodel your home, let Cella Architecture guide you through the remodel process and help you improve your home.