Cella Architecture Principal - Erich Karp


Erich is a licensed Oregon architect working professionally, with a specialization in residential design, since 1997. His career began at Reed College in Portland Oregon where, as an undergraduate, he studied physics, graduating with a B.A. in 1990. Several years later, he began the study of architecture at the University of Oregon in order to follow a life long passion for building design. He graduated from the University of Oregon with an M.Arch. in 1998.

Prior to establishing Cella Architecture, Erich worked for several award winning architecture firms in Eugene, Beaverton and Portland. From early in his career, he focused on home design. Often becoming the office specialist in residential architecture wherever he worked. He has worked on and helped design numerous custom homes and home remodels across the western United States. In addition to his deep understanding of home design, Erich also has extensive experience doing commercial architecture for clients throughout Oregon. Throughout his career, Erich has alway brought a wealth of experience and common sense to every project he works on.

Professional Credentials and Affiliations: